hey, I just heard the song "born singer" from BTS and it made me want to write down the hopes I have for the future. This article has nothing to do with BTS, it was only their song that made me write down what I am dreaming about.

I want to one day give out a book. That is it, I want to give out a book and watch the fandom grow. It may not be a big fandom, but if it gets even just one fanart created, one single, maybe even bad written, fanfiction, one single theory or headcanon. Then I have reached my goal. Because I know how much a book matter to a person if the person is willing to become a part of a fandom. I want to be able to search for my book on the internett and be able to read at least one person saying that the book means something too them, that I somehow touched them, and made an impression. I want at least one person to be pissed at me for killing their favouritte character or thankfull for giving them a good reading experience. I want all those hours I spent writing to matter, and not just for me, I am happy just by writing on my own, but I want the work I did to be meaningfull. I know how much I feel conected to my favouritte writers and I want somebody to feel like that for me. Not because of the fame or anything, but because I want to one day talk to another writer and say "I reached your level" because I feel like a writer by heart, and I want to show the world how I feel....
I want to write something like "born singer" but my own versoin ofcourse, as a thankyou letter to maybe just that one person that created their own little fandom from my book.

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