The merciless wind whipped her face as she walked along, her hands wrenched together as the nervousness filling her heart and body from top to bottom. She wasn't sure what to do, her eyes scanned the area fervently.

What time do I meet him?
Where do I meet him?
How would he know it's me?

All these questions rang in her head nonstopped and she nearly believed that she has lost it till a dark tornado swirled around her, her mouth opened to scream in panic, a hand placed on her mouth from screaming and she looked up, way up to see the face of a man.

A handsome man, with dark orbs that can kill, raven locks that swept over his forehead, a pale face - blank and hollow. Her heart was beating rapidly, his hands grabbed hers and he ran, ran as fast as he could, leaving behind a trail of wind that had lost its way while he ran past.

This is what I wanted, right?

We got to a cliff in no time and his smile turned into a smirk, looking like a devil, his eyes held glee and she wasn't sure about this anymore.

No, I have to do this!

She took a deep breath, letting the air pass through her lips trying to calm her heart.

She turned around and fell back, dropping off the cliff and he followed, his devilish smirk still intact.

"Welcome to my world, sweetheart," He murmured as he stroked her face, his long thin fingers left little sparks across her tan skin.

With that, Death had taken another soul into the dark realm.


Hey angels! Honestly, don't ask me what this is because I don't even know. I hope you guys enjoyed and I honestly love that most of you guys like 'Goddess'. Thank you guys so much and if you liked this then feel free to follow me, heart this and/or message me.

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