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Babysitting Dakota was not an easy feat. Grayson and Luna were in need of some alone time so I offered to take her for the night. I was going to be more tired than this little girl soon. Baby witches are no joke. One minute she's on the carousel the next she's on a rollercoaster. I won her a huge teddy bear. And I mean HUGE. That wasn't enough for baby Koda. I got stuck carrying it while she explored the entire circus / carnival. She is three. She's too advanced already. And I'm worried about her safety.

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I grew up touring with the circus. I'm a flame thrower. Fire is my talent. My family owns this circus. My grandparents are the best clowns around. My younger brother juggles and works the games. He fills in where he needs to. He's not a full time worker though. He's out traveling often. This is where I belong so I stay with the circus. He was coming here to stay for a while now that we needed him to juggle. He was also best at washing the tigers. I was excited to see him.

I looked at a black crow that landed on top of a fence. By the time I looked back for Dakota, she was gone. I searched the entire circus and couldn't find her. Shit! Shit shit shit! I was about to call Grayson when a distinct giggle caught my attention. I looked up and Dakota was sitting at the candy station with my brother Luce. I was more relieved to see Dakota than Luce right now.

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I ran over. "Don't do that again!," I said sternly. She nearly gave me a heart attack. She stuck her tongue out in response. She didn't listen and I was losing my patience. I sat down next to her. "I see you met this curious little witch already," I said. "She was stealing the cotton candy. I had to explain it wasn't all for her." he said. I laughed. I looked at her and she was swinging her feet with the biggest smile on her face. Luce leaned over on the counter, resting his chin in his hand. "I think she's got carny in her soul," he said. I sensed it too.

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