Hi everyone! how are you? i hope you are fine. Today's article is gonna be an ABC tag, I promise that the next article is not a tag or a challenge. so let's get started!


A — Age:

20, sarcasm, and 20 years old image
21 years old

B — Best Feature:

eyes, make-up, and black eye image girl, hair, and beauty image fashion image art, hands, and aesthetic image
my black eyes and my long hands

C — Color

ice cream, food, and blue image aesthetic, green, and plants image mint, color, and green image aesthetic, green, and music image

D — Deepest Regret:

anxiety, depression, and fear image quotes, The Breakfast Club, and 80s image
pushing people away

E — Everyday Starts With:

coffee, iphone, and sweater image boho, fashion, and grunge image
checking my phone

F — Favorite Show:

Angeles, serie, and carlota image feminism, netflix, and blanca suarez image la casa de papel and netflix image quotes, love, and la casa de papel image
las chicas del cable (cable girls) and la casa de papel (money heist)

G —Greatest Accomplishment:

i really don't know

H — Height:

angel, beauty, and fairy image funny, height, and puberty image
165 cm / 5'4

I — In Love With:

pink, music, and vintage image korea, kpop, and rape image Image by Mai Yusuf pink, car, and vintage image
music, south korea, photography and cars.

J — Job Of My Dreams:

dior, model, and fashion image sandals, heels, and pumps image
Working in a huge fashion brand or being stylist of someone famous.

K — Kids I Want:

cute image Image by ≮ 𝗝𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗣.
1 or 2

L — Last Thing I Ate:

brunch, coffee, and fitness image rosemary chicken and bacon and avocado salad image
Chicken and salad

M — Magical Power I Want:

gif and magic image

N — Number Of Siblings:


O — One Favorite Song

Temporarily removed loser, big bang, and Lyrics image
loser - big bang

P — Person I Last Texted:

my uncle

Q — Question I’m Always Asked:

Temporarily removed aesthetic, black, and dark hair image girl, ulzzang, and black image clothes, korean, and outfit image
"Your natural hair color is black?" // "did you dye your hair?"

R — Reasons To Smile:

family, beach, and vintage image Temporarily removed
family and friends

S — Sexuality:

couple, kiss, and goals image Temporarily removed

T — Time I Wake Up:

aesthetic, breakfast, and cafe image sleep, wake up, and bed image
7:30 am or 11:00 am

U — Underwear Color:

black, girl, and sexy image black, fashion, and girl image

V — Vacation Place:

beach, summer, and sea image summer, girl, and beach image
Koh Samui, Thailand

W — Worst Habit:

Temporarily removed
bite my lips

X — X-Rays I’ve Had:

Image by alexis emma butterfly and aesthetic image
toes, ankle, hands, knee and spine

Y — Your Favorite Drink:

caramel, starbucks, and macchiato image beverage, cafe, and caramel image almond, autumn, and caramel image caramel, cofee, and starbucks image
caramel macchiato

Z — Zodiac Sign:

Libra and wallpaper image Libra, zodiac, and stars image

And that's it! thank you guys for reading. If you liked and want to do it, go ahead. Feel free to send me suggestions for the next article ♡

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