i found it here: https://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/1202545

1. Favorite group?
it's between Nu'est and EXO but it has been Nu'est for so long

2. Favorite guy group & bias?
for Nu'est it's Baekho
and for EXO it's Jongdae

3. Favorite girl group & bias?
2ne1 and Bom

4. All-time bias?

5. Favorite maknae?
Ren & Sehun

6. Favorite leader?
JR has earned a ton of respect from me,Nu'est has struggeld for so many years and just seeing him beating himself up over it and thinking that he faild them hurts me so mutch but he never gave up .

7. Favorite song?
at the moment it's NCT 127 - Baby Don't Like it

8. Favorite Japanese version of a song?
it's not a version because it was never released in Korean : Nu'est - Shalala Ring

  • I'll say the English version of Wedding Dress, by Taeyang.

10. Best actor in Kpop?

11. Best group on variety shows?
Super Junior is one of the funniest

12. Best-looking?
hands down SHINee

13. Cutest couple?
if you mean otp then JREN

14. Who would you date from a male group?
i don't know maybe Ken ?

15. Who would you date from a female group?
Hwasa ( she is my girl crush )

16. Who would you want as an older brother?
JR or Minho

17. Who would you want as an older sister(s)?
Amber please

18. Who would make a good husband/wife?
If i had to pick one Suho

19. Favorite album?
every singe SHINee Album

20. Favorite solo artists?
Jay Park , Hoody , DPR LIVE , Junflo , Hoody , Loco , Jessi , Sunmi ect

21. Favorite underappreciated group?
NU'EST !!!!!

22. Favorite music video?
Taemin - Move

23. Favorite dance?
EXO - Power

24. Favorite costumes/outfits?
VIXX - Vodoo Doll

25. Favorite remix?
i don't have one

26. 2NE1 or Blackpink?

27. SNSD or Twice?

28. f(x) or Red Velvet?

29. Big Bang or Winner?

30. Bap or Block B?
Block B

31. SHINee or 2PM?

32. Seventeen or Topp Dogg?

33. Got7 or BTS?

34. Taeyeon or Tiffany?

35. Exo or NCT?

36. Taemin or Jimin (BTS)?

37. Zico or Rap Monster?
Zico or RM .... can i say both

38. TOP or G-Dragon?

39. Momo or Seulgi?

40. CL or Minzy?

41. D.O or Baekhyun?

42. Jhope or Mark (Got7)?

43. Jungkook or Yugyeom?

44. Amber or Lisa?

45. Leo or Ken?
how can you ????

46. Mark (NCT) or Minho?

47. Yonghwa or Jonghyun?

48. S.Coups or Vernon?

49. Mingyu or Wonwoo?

50. Agust D or RM?
Agust D.

51. Funniest girl group & funniest girl in the group?

52. Funniest guy group & funniest guy in the group?
Super Junio and Nu'est i can't pick

53. Funniest group of all?

54. Funniest person of all?
Mark is a meme

55. Funniest dance?
öh the one where Nu'est W switches parts while wearin costumes and JR keeps sreaming WHERE YOU AT ?

56. Funniest song?
Chewing Gum by NCT DREAM

57. Funniest costumes/outfits?
NCT Limitless

58. Funniest music videos?
BTS Boy in Luv

59. Funniest couple?

60. Funniest parody?
secret garden by BigBang

61. Funniest buffalaxed version?
i don't know

62. Funniest variety show episode with a Kpop artist?
Super Junior at weekly idol

63. Funniest impersonation?
i don't know

64. Funniest face?
Eunkwang from BtoB you know gorilla mode XD

65. Funniest mistake onstage?
The one where Sehun started to laugh at Suho when he took his jacked of

66. Do you have any Kpop posters? If so, how many?
nope sadly

67. Do you have any of the actual CDs?
sadly no

68. If you buy any Kpop songs on iTunes, how many have you bought?
i don't buy anything on itunes

69. Have you ever covered a Kpop song or dance? Have you posted your cover online?

70. Have you ever participated in a Kpop flash mob?

71. Have you ever been to a live concert?
not yet

72. Have you ever talked to a Kpop artist in person?

73. Do you have anything signed by a Kpop artist?

74. Do you check allkpop or another Kpop news website daily or on a regular basis?

75. Do you have a Kpop tumblr? If not, do you look at other peoples' Kpop tumblrs?
i have one called pixiestookmybrain

76. How did you get into Kpop?
super juniors sorry sorry was in my recommendations

77. What was the first Kpop song you ever heard?

78. First group you knew about?

79. First group you really got into?

80. How long ago did you discover Kpop?
it was 2009 so 9 years ago

81. Did you like it or dislike it when you first discovered it?
i liked it right away

82. Is your current favorite group the first one you discovered?

83. If not, how long did it take you to discover your favorite group?
it was right after their debut with Face

84. First variety/reality show you watched that had a Kpop artist in it?
weekly idol

85. First song/MV/pic/whatever that made you fangirl scream?
Taemin - Danger

86. Least favorite group & least favorite member?
I don't have one.

87. Least favorite guy group & least favorite member?
Read above answer.

88. Least favorite girl group & least favorite member?

89. Least favorite member of your favorite group?
don't have one

90. Least favorite song?
Lolipop - Bigbang & 2NE1

91. Worst-looking?
No one?

92. Who would you never want as an older brother?
V i like him but he is way to loud for me XD

93. Who would you never want as an older sister?
öh i don't know

94. Least favorite solo artist?
Reread 86-88

95. Least favorite music video?
don't have one

96. Least favorite dance?
repead .

97. Least favorite costumes/outfits?
can't think of one

98. If you were only able to say five words max to your bias, what would you say?

99. If your bias kissed you, how would you react?

100. If your bias asked you to marry him/her, how would you react?
Refer to 99.