Hi ! Sorry if my english is not good, because i'm a french girl and i'm not bilingual.....so this my article.

According to people, i'm a cool girl but....strange, the fact of being strange is limited a defect, people look at you like if you are from another planet ...... you are not the bestfriend, just a acquaintance.....nor the special girl to the eyes of a boy, but the strange girl without feeling...... But above all, we forget you fast and we reject you easily.
And yet, to be ''starnge'' it's also being original and different, and not a copy and paste of all these people who follow each other like sheep....
but despite everything being strange sometimes hurts.
So who am I? A strange girl, who likes strange things? I do not know, maybe some will recognize themselves in the things I'm going to say but I like my odd tastes so much to share them!

A.....like matches
I like the smell of a match when you light her.

B ..... like noise.
I like to have noisy, work in the noise, eat in the noise but also hear the noise of cars at night, it relaxes me.

C ..... as a fireplace.
The smell of wood burning in the fireplace ... it smells so good that it's comforting I think.

D ..... like sleeping.
Who does not like to sleep? But sleeping is sacred to me, I am a real marmot, nothing wakes me up, I sleep anywhere and I love to sleep in a car. The car has a power of falling asleep on me.

E ...... as essence.
I love going to the gas station ..... just because I like the smell of gas. After I will not make a perfume either, but I like the smell in small doses because after that it hurts the head XD

F ...... as a ghost.
Ghosts, I think they can exist and that scares me ..... so I'm scared of ghost / ghost movies or shows on that but oddly I love watching, despite the fact that I I have goosebumps ..... I think I like to scare you.

G ....... like jelly.
So yes, you may be wondering why I'm talking about jelly ..... but I like eaten jelly salad bowls .... without anything in the jelly. I eat neutral jelly with a spoon.

H ..... as an inheritance.
I like to know my ancestors. So I do not know, if inheritance and the appropriate word but somehow if since I am the heiress of my ancestors. And I like to know the history of my family, I always see documents that will trace the life of my ancestors and know where I come from.

I ...... as imperfection.
I find that the imperfections of an object, a person or an animal is all the charm. So I like scars because it is a beautiful imperfections and sometimes a scar has a history. I like the eyes because it's so rare and different from others. Etc., etc

J ..... as an expletive.
So why swear? Because I do not like being vulgar and it's very rare that I am. I say curses sometimes but especially when I'm angry or I do not say ..... child I never said one.

K ..... like kebab.
So, I have never eaten a kebab in my life. I have never really been attracted to eat it.

L ..... like Moon.
The moon ..... I was born in full moon, so she plays a lot on my mood when she goes up, like I have trouble sleeping, I'm full of energy and a little irritable. Being born in the full moon, I think that my symbol is the moon, so I particularly like this star to others.

M ...... as mysterious.
I like mysteries. All that is mysterious, places, legend etc attracts me. The jewels a little mysterious while being discreet I love it, just like the pictures or the books.

N .... like nature and food.
I like to walk in the nature, the forests for example, I prefer to walk in the countryside just in the city, just as I prefer to live in a city surrounded by forest, where we can hear the birds even downtown, to live in a big city with miles and miles of concrete.
And food .... well because I never say no when it comes to eating XD

O ..... like darkness.
I love the landscapes in the dark, in the night because everything is different. And I think there are things we would see in the dark, that we would not see in the brightness.

P ..... like rain.
I like to hear the sound of rain or rain. As well as the smell of earth that one feels before or after a shower.

Q ..... as a question.
I ask myself a lot of questions and I always have to find an answer, I like to know things about history, science, languages ​​etc. But I also asked a lot of questions to people, it allows me to "know" them and analyzed them.

R .... like laughing.
I am very mocking .... and I like to laugh. Laughing is good for me, but when I laugh, I get a lot of pain in my cheeks, stomach, and I cry. The problem is that some things make others laugh but not me ...... and things make me laugh but others do not.

S ..... as a witch.
I have always loved stories of witches, magic, potions etc, I would have liked to be one, so yes I believe in witchcraft and magic.

T .... as tobacco.
I hate the smell of tobacco but the only thing I like is when the cigarette burns at first, it does not smell immediately the tobacco that stings the nose, it a little smell that I like when we alight.

U .... as unique.
I like being different but I would like to be unique in the eyes of people I love, that I can not be easily replaced, or that I am easily forgotten.

V ..... like wind.
I like the wind ...... not the big wind super powerful but the wind that will .... caress my cheek, or move my hair. The wind that will cool me in the summer. But also the one that makes the leaves move, that gives us this sound in the trees but also that brings us the smells that tickle our nose.

W .... like wolf.
So the wolves (I like all animals), what I like about wolves is that it's a real family, a pack is important, they are the ones for each other and especially a wolf will always have one and only wolf .... his she-wolf. He will do everything to protect his wolf and cubs. But if we fear the male, we must fear even more the she-wolf that protects her babies.

X .... as xoxo.
So xoxo because I like kisses (like everyone I think) but I must put mandatory kisses at the end of a message if we do not talk for a moment after .... what's up it's that I do not kiss everybody, it's something special, a mark of my affection.

Y .... as eyes.
I like to look at the eyes, because everything passes in the eyes. We can pass a lot of message through the eyes, eyes are the windows of the soul after all. Eyes can be very expressive.

Z ..... like zombie.
When I'm angry or stressed, I like to put a video game with zombies so that I can kill them by shooting them. It strangely relaxes me.

Here you are! So in the end, I wonder why we find myself weird