this is going to be a two part-er. i'm going to start with my top favorite female television show characters. i'll let you know the character, the actress, and the tv show. i think it is such a good thing to see strong female characters on tv, and these days the ladies are really bringing it! so in no particular order, here they are:

  • Emma Swan

played by Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a Time

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this has to be one of my favorite character developments. i mean man she was put through it! this was also the first character that i really looked up to as a strong independent woman. Jen Morrison absolutely crushed it!
  • Wynonna Earp

played by Melanie Scrofano on Wynonna Earp

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i loved this character instantly. she is such a bad ass and i want to be her....just maybe without a family curse.
  • Veronica Lodge

played by Camila Mendes on Riverdale

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i don't want to hear any hate over this one! i think Veronica is a great character, and i think she gets too much hate. i like that she is trying to reform and has a lot of battles she's dealing with. it makes her a strong female character in my opinion. i also really like Camila Mendes herself, i like what she stands for and i think she is a great role model for young women.
  • Jessica Day

played by Zooey Deschanel on New Girl

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for me this character is just so relate-able, like her i am constantly struggling through life. she makes me feel like everything is going to be ok and sometimes it's good to stay positive.
  • Fiona Gallagher

played by Emmy Rossum on Shameless

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what a freakin' powerful character with such a range of emotions. this girl really has the shit kicked out of her but always manages to come out alive. that's a women i can look up too.
  • Temperance Brennan

played by Emily Deschanel on Bones

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i have been watching this show and reading the books for years. she is a character that has it, brains, and a hunky man.

i hope you liked my top favorite female characters. i'm sure i missed a few but these ladies really inspire me. i think they do an amazing job bringing their characters to life and also are huge inspirations in real life too. let me know what you think. give me a heart or two if you agree with my top favorites.
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