I don't have time to be a photographer, dancer, and fashion designer anymore so I'm mainly a fashion designer. I dance as a hobby when I have free time. I miss it, but that part of my life is over. I'm a mom to a beautiful blonde princess now.

I finished the dishes and looked over at Lux. She made a mess out of the cherry pie she was eating. "Look at you. You're all sticky now," I said. I tried to wipe her clean, but it was too much. "It's bath time," I said while reaching over to pick her up out of her highchair. She was playing with my necklace. We went into the bathroom and I set up her bath. She was having tons of fun with the bubbles. I laughed and kissed her on the nose.

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I took a photo and sent it to Milo with the caption - ^ we created this bubble monster ^

I was about to take her out of the bath when she started panicking. Her cheeks were flushed and she nearly fell while trying to get up. "What's wrong? What is it?," I questioned her. The only answer I received were more cries. I picked her up out of the tub and was smacked by a fin. "Oh my goodness," I exclaimed. She was a mermaid. I wrapped her in her robe gifted by Mrs. Hart. "It's okay, you're just a mermaid like me," I said. I dried her off and her tail disappeared. She was too young to understand. This was going to be difficult. Exhausted from crying, she yawned, barely able to keep her eyes opened. I changed her into pjs and tucked her into bed.

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I called Mrs. Hart and asked her to make Lux a necklace like mine so she won't change into mermaid form whenever she's in water. I was happy she was a mermaid like me, but worried at the same time. My worst nightmare is her being captured like I was.