Darkness never left
Darkness was his friend.
All his life he spent
In the Underworld dullness.
His soul was black,
His eyes were evil.
He was the God,
The God of Underworld, Hades.

He had a brother,
Zeus was his name.
The sever God of skies,
The God of thunders,
The God of lights.
He loved his Goddess,
The Goddess of harvest.
Demeter was her name,
She was like cherry blossom.

They were happy together
Living their lives.
They loved with endless love,
Their only treasure child.

Peresphone was her name,
She was a young and fresh maiden.
She could soften hearts,
She could make your heartbeat fasten.

Eyes of Hades laid on her.
His eyes softened,
His heartbeat fastened.
Was it love?
Or was it an obsession?
He has never felt this way,
One thing was obvious.

What did he want?
He didn't know himself,
Only one thing he knew
He wanted her for his self.

The last thing Peresphone saw on the Earth
Were black horses
And colorful flowers.
Everything went black,
Underworld kingdom opened it's gates.

Demeter lost her mind
She was a luckless mother.
She searched for Peresphone everywhere,
And dried all the harvest.
This is when the leaves fell down,
This is when the winter came.

But she found her
Found her only daughter.
But was her child the same?
Was she even glad?

Oh, why wasn't she?
You ask yourself a question.
Pomegranate seeds,
This is her answer.

She ate them in the Underworld,
She became it's Queen.
She should stay with Hades,
No matter what her mother needs.

This is how the light met the darkness,
This is how everything changed.
Who knew Hades's sever heart,
Could be able to feel this way...

elodie iver
elodie iver

Thank you for the second part of this. Love you so much.

This Article is inspired by my favorite Greek myth. It's about Peresphone and Hades.

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.โ™ก

- Love Yourself