My favorite baby names

Hello, today I am going to be sharing some babynames that I really like.
Because I don't have a lot of favorite babynames, this article will be a bit short.
Okay so let's start!! :)

Girl names:


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Thinking of the name Juno (I personally pronounce it in Dutch) I think of a happy, wild and adventurous girl. Juno is in Latin mythology the queen of the gods and the goddess of birth and marriage.


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When I think of the name Olivia, I see a very sweet, quiet girl in front of me. Olivia is derived from the Latin oliva "olive, olive tree, olive branch".

Boy names:


boy image boy, coffee, and vintage image boy image Temporarily removed
A latin name for boys. Means; 'bring me light'. When I think of the name Lucas, I see a very funny, sweet but a little bit quiet boy in front of me.


boy, dog, and vintage image love, couple, and dance image couple, piano, and boy image Temporarily removed
Means: valuable jewel, youthful. Thinking of the name Jules (pronounced French) i see a very adventurous boy in front of me who likes to wander.

These where my favorite babynames!

love, Midnightdancing