Let's talk Inspiration. What inspires you to do your art or craft? For me, it can be anything. Quotes, music, a T.V. Commercial. Anything. And what I recently found to be most helpful is writing prompts. some of the writing platforms I belong to have monthly and weekly writing prompts.
Who wants to give it a shot?
Writing Prompt 1 If I could tell you one thing before I go it. would be you're
Writing Prompt 2 10 things I love about being a wallflower is
Writing Prompt 3 Dear ex I don't miss you and here is why
Writing Prompt 4 I believe The F.R.I.E.N.D Character is my twin because
Writing Prompt 5 Describe yourself as your favorite color

I also realized that because of most of the platforms I belong to have their own schedules/ deadlines it help me to avoid writer's block less frequently. There there is social media, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twiter, Instagram ECT. Whatever it is that inspires you to do more do it. If you love what you do. Chances are someone will love it too you-you'll eventually have your own tribe of fans and supporters all in the name of inspiration, and love what you create.