Songs recommendations that were only posted on soundcloud, and maybe you can find them on youtube.

1. Tore Up by Kehlani

Temporarily removed Image removed

2. Get Away (Remix) by G-eazy ft. Kehlani

rapper image Image by None

3. Friendzone by G-eazy ft. Marc E. Bassy

wallpaper, background, and fondos image g-eazy and marc e bassy image

4. Persian Rugs (Quemix) by Jacquees

carpet, rug, and beautiful image couple, riverdale, and aesthetic image

5. Proud Family by Tory Lanez

Temporarily removed

6. Drugs You Should Try It by Travis Scott

be, drugs, and you image Temporarily removed

7. Things & Such (Kehlani’s Freestyle) by PARTYNEXTDOOR

black and white, K, and music image art, drawing, and pink image

8. U R Wut U Eat by Jesse Rutherford

Image removed Image by mariaa

9. New Balanace (ROUGH) by Jhene Aiko

Image by Esene album, art, and green image

10. Antisocial by Samaria

aesthetic and black image Temporarily removed

11. Thin Line by Frank Ocean

art, Dream, and photography image frank ocean, art, and black and white image

12. Ring 4x by YE Ali ft. Jazz Cartier

blunt, rose, and goals image Temporarily removed
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