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Today I will be attempting to do the "This or That challenge" which I haven't done before eventhough this challenge has been around for a while now. I was tagged by two of my good friends here on WHI, so I will link their articles and accounts below!

Let's get started now!

Europe or America?

Europe! There's so much history in each and every country there, I'm just fascinated by it! It is like seeing in person everything I've learnt and read about in books!

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And also I really enjoy their architecture!

Coffee or tea?

I think I will say coffee because there are more types of coffee that I enjoy than types of tea, but I really like tea as well.

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I can't drink plain black coffee tho, as it is too strong for me lol

Cats or dogs?

I've always been a dog person, but unfortunatelly I have never owned a dog.

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Books or movies?

I really enjoy watching movies and having movie nights is one of my favorite things in the world. But with that being said, there's so much more books have to offer. It is like a totally different experience and the emotional conection between you and the characters is so much deeper through books.

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Most of the books I read are originally in English. So, even when my first language is Spanish, I buy all my books in English because I want to read and know the exact same words the author decided to use.

Bath or shower?

I don't actually like taking baths lol

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Caramel or chocolate?

Chocolate with no doubt.

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but no white chocolate for me, I really don't like it

Jeans or skirt?

I don't really wear skirts because I'm constantly thinking about how I'm sitting, if something is showing, etc etc. So jeans are the best option and they really go with everything.

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High heels or sneakers?

I really should say high heels because I'm really short... but sneakers.

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I really want to start wearing heels more often but I just don't have that fancy life to wear heels everywhere haha

Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl?

I think they are both pretty similar shows, but as I have watched PLL from beginning to end, I will choose PLL. (I've only seen various random episodes of various random seasons of GG)

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Homesick or adventurous?

I'm literally both lol is this cheating? I think it is.. Well, I will go with adventurous, but not super long trips because I do get homesick haha

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I really like taking pictures when I'm traveling tho, mostly landscapes and architecture

Ice cream or sweets?

Ice cream!

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Banana or coconut?

I'm obssesed with anything coconut. Like actual coconut of you know, things that smell like coconut. Everything.

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Pizza or hamburger?

My Italian blood calls for pizza everytime (I'm half Italian btw).

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Strawberry or apple?

Strawberry is literally my favorite fruit ever, followed by watermelon.

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Denim or leather?

First of all, we shouldn't be wearing real leather, at all. I don't care how much you like how it looks. Second, I prefer denim.

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I even have a collection dedicated to it lol

That's it for today's article! I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it! I have already made an article similar to this, so here's the link to it in case you want to check it out!

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( bel )

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