hey guys, it's Sara♥! i make "idol challenge" because today ari came back with a bop! i love it so much ʎɹɔoʇʇɟǝlsɹɐǝʇou#💧! i have to mark this event,4.20, with this challenge!! enjoy it♥

1.Ari with sunglasses🕶️

Image removed

2.Ari laughing😂

beautiful, fashion, and gif image

3.Ari drinking coffee☕

ariana grande, pink, and ariana image

4.Ari in black🖤

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5.Ari young👧

ariana grande, ariana, and grande image

6.Ari with her friends👭

ariana grande, paris, and friends image

7.Ari in blue💙

ariana grande, ariana, and dog image

8.Ari waving👋

ariana grande, arianagrande, and ariana image

9.Ari being sexy😏

dangerous woman, black and white, and bunny image

10.Ari in my fav photoshoot📸

music and television image

11.Selfie with Ari🤳

ariana grande, snapchat, and moonlightbae image

12.Ari with a cute face😛

sweet, black and white, and ari image

13.Ari smiling😃

dark, ariana, and instagram image

14.Ari in my fav tv show📽️ (Victorious)

victoria justice, victorious, and ariana grande image

15.Ari in my fav interview😋 (one of the Jimmy Fallon interviews with Ari; I choose this because I love this Lip Sync conversation)

ariana grande image

16.Ari reading a book⚡

ariana grande, harry potter, and arianagrande image

17.Ari in water💦

ariana grande, love me harder, and ariana image

18.Ari with animals🐶

idol, clothes, and singer image

19.My fav quote by Ari♥

bunny, goals, and icons image

20.My fav hairstyle on Ari💜

ariana grande, ariana, and dangerous woman tour image

21.Ari at the airport🛬

ariana grande, mac miller, and couple image

22.Ari with kids🎈

ariana grande, arianators, and fans image

23.Ari sleeping💤

ariana grande and sleeping image

24.My fav gif with Ari💝

no tears left to cry, ariana grande, and ariana image

25.My fav magazine cover with Ari✨

cosmopolitan, cover, and shoot image

26.Ari with a hat👒

ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image

27.Ari singing🎶

gif image

28.Ari in a car🚘

Image removed

29.Ari with fans🌌

ariana grande, dangerous woman, and dwt image

30.My fav photo by Ari💧

Image removed

This is my Ariana grande idol challenge! I hope you liked it! also if you didn't listen or stream on spotify ʎɹɔoʇʇɟǝlsɹɐǝʇou#💧 you should do it!!!! this song is MAGICAL!!!

xoxo, sara♥