Hello ARMYs!
So lately I've been having trouble choosing my bio here on We Heart It. I keep on changing it week after week so decided to sit down and think about some so here are some of the bios I came up with. Hope they are helpful for all of those people out there like me.

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You can change the names of the members if you want to.

1) Don't touch me unless you are Min Yoongi.

bts, suga, and yoongi image bts, suga, and yoongi image

2) Kim Namjoon, you're smile makes my heat glow.

bts, kim namjoon, and rm image bts, kpop, and rm image

3) Park Jimin is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

bts, jimin, and park jimin image bts, jimin, and kpop image

4) I don't care, I love Kim Taehyung more than anything.

kpop, bts, and v image
Sorry but there was only one picture of Taehyung.

5) I think Kim Seok Jin invented beauty.

jin, bts, and kpop image bts, jin, and kpop image

6) My teacher told me that the sun is a million miles away and I wonder how Jung Hoseok got there.

jhope, bts, and jung hoseok image bts, jhope, and jung hoseok image

7) Jungkook is the most beautiful moment in my life.

bts, jeon jungkook, and jungkook image bts, jungkook, and kpop image

(And as Jimin is my Bias and Jungkook is my Bias Wrecker, I'll write an extra one for them both. And again you can change the name if you want to)

8) Park Jimin, you're my guardian angel.

angel, boy, and pale image

9) I'll always be there for you, Jungkook.

bts, jungkook, and kookie‬ image

Now these are of BTS together.

10) I have seven angles in my life. #BTS

bts, jimin, and jin image

11) The scary desert became the ocean with Bangtan's Blood, Sweat and tears.

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12) Teamwork makes the Dream work. #BangtanSonyeondan.

bts, jimin, and jin image

And lastly I would like to tag this amazing girl for this beautiful bio that she previously had and the one that I liked the most. I wanted to keep this as my bio but I'll have to ask her first to let me use it.

"You Never Walk Alone But You Fly Together With You're Wings."

alone, boys, and never image bts, wings, and kpop image
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