I live in an apartment with my fiancé Simon. We met a few years ago at Riley's horse riding competition. I'm a vet here in Squamish. He's a social worker. Guess what? He collects comic books. And as a kid he worked in a comic book store. Is he my soulmate or what?

I don't talk to my mother, father, or sister anymore. When my relationship with Simon started to get serious it was more of a push to just let them go. I didn't realize how negatively they affected me until I started spending most of my time with Simon. They didn't put up an argument when I left. It hurt to know they didn't care about me. I have a closer relationship with Riley and Luna now though. I already volunteered to watch their kids.

Simon looks extra hot when he's taking care of kids.

Image by Brutal Fantasy

He mentioned he wanted to adopt an asian baby girl. I got a bit uncomfortable because I'm scared I'll be a shit dad. He reassures me all the time, but it's my own insecurity.

I'm taking him out to dinner tonight to make up for an argument gone south the other night. Maybe we'll try that conversation about adopting again.