Hey, dumplin's !~ ๐Ÿ’˜ Today I'll be doing a little game that's been rising in popularity recently. I wasn't tagged by anyone in particular but I did find this game thanks to @Bloody_Hell0 . I loved the article ! :) So thank you

If I were a color

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pink: this color compliments every other one and I'm a pretty likeable person. This color is also very soft and my heart is filled with mountains of cotton candy. Plus, I have a great love for my friends

If I were a clothing style

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This type of style reminds me of an older, more sophisticated look. It represents my old soul and the wisdom I've gathered through my life experiences.

If I were an element

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I've always been attracted to water for a reason unknown to me. It's also my favorite drink.

If I were a music genre

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80's music: it's simple i'm p fucking gay

If I were a mythical creature

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gargoyles aren't seen as a threat and are underestimated. I can relate to this as I am often, too.

If I were a fairytale

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I relate the most to Rapunzel. My parents are a bit toxic and because of it I've felt locked away my whole life.

If I were a planet

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venus, named after the roman god of love and beauty: it's the planet for my zodiac sign (libra) and I must admit, I've fallen for love.

If I were a flower

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I love the simple and small pleasures of life. Daisies are delicate yet beautiful.

If I were a feeling

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melancholic: I love the way the word rolls off the tongue and the feeling has become a friend recently

If I were a word

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freedom // ambition: I've created my freedom and ambition in the sixteen years I've been on this earth. The only ideas and trends I conform to are ones of my own, ones that make me content. It's not I might, it's I will, and I am no one's but my own. I think this is true freedom

If I were a song

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panic! at the disco - nourthern downpour // i love the lyrics and they relate to me so well. Lyrically, it's my favorite song