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!!!!!! Here's the k-pop idols, who are most known in their groups !!!!!!

Big Bang: G-Dragon

gd image g-dragon, bigbang, and gd image gdragon, kwon jiyong, and bigbang image gd, kwon jiyong, and gdragon image
asian boy, gd, and gdragon image

GOT7: Jackson

Temporarily removed got7, jackson, and kpop image Image removed jackson and got7 image
got7, jackson, and jackson wang image

Twice: Sana

Image removed twice, sana, and minatozaki sana image twice and sana image twice and sana image
gif, twice, and sana image

DIA: Jung Chae-yeon

DIA, chaeyeon, and 정채연 image 정채연, jung chae yeon, and DIA image DIA, chaeyeon, and ioi image DIA, chaeyeon, and myedits image
DIA, chaeyeon, and i.o.i image

Comsic Girls: Cheng Xiao

wjsn, kpop, and cosmic girls image cosmic girls, wjsn, and kpop image beauty, cosmic girls, and wjsn image beauty, cosmic girls, and wjsn image
gif, wjsn, and cheng xiao image


Image removed Image removed Seventeen and vernon image Image removed
gif, Seventeen, and vernon image

SNSD: Taeyeon

girls generation, k-pop, and kpop image body, china, and gg image Image removed gg, album, and kpop image
gif, seohyun, and kpop image

EXO: Chanyeol

exo and chanyeol image exo, handsome, and smile image exo and chanyeol image Chen, exo, and lay image
gif image
I really did not know whether to choose between Chanyeol and Baekhyun. What do you think ?????


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed zico, block b, and woo jiho image
zico, block b, and jiho image

Red Velvet: Irene

red velvet, irene, and bae joohyun image Temporarily removed kpop, irene, and red velvet image red velvet, kpop, and irene image
red velvet and irene image

BTS: Jungkook

jikook, taekook, and kookie‬ image jin, v, and bts image bts, cute, and jungkook image bangtan, jeon jungkook, and golden maknae image
gif, bts, and jungkook image

Black Pink: Lisa

lisa, kpop, and blackpink image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image kpop, lisa, and Liza image Liza, black pink, and kpop image
gif, lisa, and blackpink image

EXID: Hani

exid and k-pop image exid and hani image exid, hani, and Ahn image exid and hani image
gif, exid, and hani image

LABOUM: Solbin

laboum and solbin image laboum, solbin, and 라붐 image laboum and solbin image laboum and solbin image
gif, laboum, and solbin image

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