We have everything for us, we have it in front of us, we just have to learn to take care of it and take advantage of that beauty that it has given us.

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I would like to be free with the birds, like an Alcón or an eagle and fly through the skies to travel the world from above
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I would like to explore every existing forest in this world
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feel the soft warmth of the autumn sun on my skin
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feel the wind play with my hair and let my soul go hand in hand with, traveling through every corner of the world
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extend my arms and be able to feel the smoke of the clouds caressing my skin
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Climb every mountain that I can
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camping under the stars that greet me from above
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go to the top of a mountain and appreciate what we have and not as if it were gold, as if it were something that is worth much more than any diamond something that we can not and do not have to lose ... Our world