Maybe you guys can agree that no matter how much fun thrifting may be, it can always tend to get a bit overwhelming . . . there's just so much clothes to go through!

Well, there's no need to worry anymore because I am here with a few thrifting tips for you guys!


Look everywhere!

This includes the mens section, the jewelry and accessories aisle, books and records . . . you get the idea!

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It's a thrift store: you never know what treasures you will find!


Be willing to spend the entire day thrifting!

If you go to the thrift store knowing you have somewhere to be afterward, you will only feel rushed. It's better to dedicate an entire day to go thrift shopping so you can take your time and shop.

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Try everything on!

Even if it doesn't look like it will fit: try it on!

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If something doesn't fit, look at it and say: What can I do to make this look better?

Buy it then go home and see if you can refashion your new clothing item!

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Maybe you can turn that hoodie into a crop top . . . those jeans into shorts? The possibilities are endless!

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Go with an idea in mind!

Are you looking for something specific? Maybe a new pair of mom jeans or a windbreaker?

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Always check out the home decor aisle. Perhaps you'll find a cool vintage piece that will look perfect in your room!

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Have fun! Thrifting is meant to be fun so next time you feel overwhelmed or flustered or just like you aren't finding anything good: take a breath and relax and have fun!

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