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Bridget Jones's Diary

A girl who's a tad obsessed with dieting and finding a man. Relatable. Anything embarrassing that can happen, will happen to Bridget. Hugh Grant is one of my "older guy" crushes. Colin Firth is definitely not bad to look at either, but when I think of him I picture him as the dad from What A Girl Wants.

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Mean Girls

You will find Mean Girls on just about any movie list-chick flicks, comedys, best of the 2000's, etc. It truly is all it's made up to be though. It brings to life the reality of high school cliques and what one will do to fit in while making you laugh the whole time. There are too many funny moments in this movie to even start naming some. While I'm typing this, Damien singing "Beautiful" comes to mind. One day my brother finally wanted to see what all the hype with this movie was all about and he knew I had it on dvd so he asked to watch it with me. He was surprised by how much he liked it and he cracked up through most of it.

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(500) Days Of Summer

I wrote one of my first college papers on this movie, my teacher loved it. This movie never leaves you disinterested, it flows the whole time. Joseph Gordon Levitt is adorable. Zooey Deschanel is perfect as Summer. I don't know anyone else that could pull of the 1950's style and innocent doe eyed stare as well as her.

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Easy A

I saw this movie in theaters with my church youth group. It's safe to say that my youth pastor didn't really realize what the film was about. That was an experience. Emma Stone is absolutely perfect in this. Also, this is really the last thing we got from Amanda Bynes before she hit the wall. Which for the record, she is awesome in this. Also, I need more Aly Michalka roles in my life.

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American Pie

One of my favorite days at school ever was when we talked our Spanish teacher into letting our whole class watch American Pie together. Like, we projected it and everything. The guys in my class then began to refer to each other as names from the movie. Like a 'I'm this character" situation. They were oddly accurate though. Nothing beats the first one of course, but I also like the sequels to this. American Wedding last though, since it doesn't have Oz.

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White Chicks

Brilliant. Terry Crews is also hilarious in this. I really want to learn the dance to It's Tricky with a friend, so we can bust this out at like clubs and stuff. I'm not even kidding.

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I absolutely love this movie but for some reason I always forget it exists. Maybe because people don't talk about it enough. Kristen Stewart plays this role perfectly just by being herself. I kind of love Jesse Eisenberg too. I think it has to do with his voice, he always just sounds so smart and precise.

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Pineapple Express

A total stoner film. My favorite part of the whole movie is the first part at the military base with Bill Hader. Its gets me rolling every time. For some weird reason, I've found myself attracted to Seth Rogen lately. I don't understand it. Maybe it has something to do with the whole dad bod thing?

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If anyone ever tries to say that women aren't funny, show them this movie. Me and my two best friends jam to Hold On by Wilson Phillips so hard because of this movie. I am definitely Lillian and my best friend is Annie. Melissa McCarthy is hysterical in this, which is why she blew up so big after this came out.

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Wet Hot American Summer

One word to describe this movie-wacky. It is so off the wall that you will find yourself laughing at the oddest things. It's hard for me to remember what happened in the movie since I've watched both sequel show's on Netflix by now, so it all blends together. I would also suggest those, seeing all the same celebrities 10 years later in the same outfits pretending to be the same age is pretty amusing itself. This movie also has like everyone. Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, and Elizabeth Banks you will probably know immediately, and so many others in the film that you will recognize.