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As you probably already know, I am writing a novel called: The Blue Star.
I previously did an article called The Blue Star Moodboard with quotes and pictures. You can find it here :

I really enjoyed doing it and the positive little feedbacks I received made my heart melt and made me even more determined to continue writing it!
I thought I could also keep on doing those aesthetics of my novel, with quotes from chapters and pictures found on WHI. So I hope you'll enjoy this second version!

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" The memory of her childish laugh was imprinted into Eliott's mind, as though it had painted itself as a fundamental piece of what to remember for the rest of his life. Yet, as everything once real, it had faded into the painful reminder that it was now a particle of his memories. "
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" “ If there is one thing I know as a bartender is that the world is wide and we all live it differently. From what I understand, you had to leave few months after her father died. Her heart broke twice then. Have you ever try to talk to her?” “No, I haven't. But we grew up, so there is no point in doing so.” "
“ I don't see them as brother and sister. I think there's more to it, look at the way your son looks at my daughter – Even angry, he has hearts in his eyes, he always does. And even angry, my little sunset, she gives him her best big smile. She never smiles like that unless Eliott's here, trust me!”
“ You never paid attention. They might be just kids, but if you look closer, you can see the actual bubble around them when they're together.”
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" Memories, as wonderful and painful they can be, remain like the waves of the wind. They approach you, dance with your hair and you fall in love the second they make you shiver. [...] Tonight, in the streets of Dearshore, Lilac was falling in love with the touch of the wind on her arms, its kisses on her face and the remainder of the good old days. Until Will came to take her away from the illusion memories created."
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" The funny thing was that Elizabeth couldn't even feel the warmth of the sun waking up as she was drifting and piece by piece remembering her golden days. She was younger, sixteen years younger and working behind her desk, drawing what the Bourgers's wedding could look like with her doing every flower pattern. She had some music bursting into her shop, as she knew her clients never minded her doing so. Three rooms from where she was working were her husband working in his library and the thought of him was still making her feel the same, happy."
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"They say everyday is a new chance of being better, of doing better, of changing everything. But those who always say that, did they ever need to change something? Did they ever need to do better or to be better than yesterday? And does yesterday refers to the day before today or your entire life before you woke up this morning?"
"maybe every question don't need answers because to keep wondering is to keep opening your mind to endless new possibilities and not be restricted by one answer."
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That's it for today's article! I hope you enjoyed it !

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