Yes! I cant wait for my birthday to come. But one of the hardest things I get stuck with is that I never truly know what I want to do on my birthday . Movies and dinner, boring if you ask me. I am pretty such I am not the only one having this problem. So , here is the bucket list for the thriller -seeking -adventures out there.

1. Buy 2 bags of balloons(any color you desire) fill the house with balloons. To set the mood.

pink, balloons, and birthday image

2. Of course your the princesses on your birthday so you have look the part.
*Do a full on makeup look(getting my @Sephora)
*wear heels
*wear a dress
*Do your hair

Temporarily removed beauty, eyebrows, and eyeshadow image fashion, dress, and style image hair and hairstyle image
because you are seventeen and gorgeous.

3. Breakfast: anything your stomach desires for.

birthday, breakfast, and desserts image food and yummy image Image by springkg
Breakfast you should stay home , not go out, in my opinion anyway.

4. Make cupcakes

Image by nadjat taehyung

5. visit downtown
I have never been to downtown

6. open gifts

birthday and happy birthday image

7. dinner

8.sneak into a pool @ night

gif, gifs, and night time image
"live a little"
gif image
9. visit an abandoned house @ night well we all know the thrill of going to a creep house.:)

Enjoy! if you have an other ideas
send me a messages