When I get to know Armys they all ask me who is my bias. So I say Yoongi. Sometimes they ask me why did I "choose" Yoongi. And then I realize that there are just too many things that made Min Yoongi my bias. Too many things that I sometimes don't even realize but those are the things that made me fall for him.

Before yall come to me and tell me that every bts members are similar to the things that i'm about to mention: I know. But I noticed it first in Yoongi. When I became an Army I didn't really have a bias and Yoongi was the first to catch my attention so I noticed all those things in HIM first.

LONG BLOG (i think)

1: His passion for music.

Yoongi has explained many times how he left everything behind him to move to Seoul and produce music. I love the fact that no matter how hard it has been for him he never gave up. Everything and everyone has been against him when he was a teenager but out of love for music: he never gave up and always believed in his dreams.

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I don't know/remember if this quote is actually from a BTS song but it explains my point pretty well.

2: His wise words

Min Yoongi knows how to use words. (I mean I sure hope he does, he writes songs.) He uses this capacity to cheers other and give us hope when we could possibly need it. He also uses this talent to talk about things that matters the most such as self acceptance.

bts, min yoongi, and suga image
bts and yoongi image

3: He is willing to change for BTS.

Okay so this one is hard to explain but remember during Bon Voyage ? Yoongi explained that him and Taehyung are likely to have a fight. They don't share the same opinions. They often disagree with each other. So Yoongi said that whenever they start to argue they will hold hands and stay quiet for a while. What I see from this is that instead of arguing even more which some people (including me tbh) could do he tries to change things and tries to be a better person. He wants to understand Taehyung and surely not argue with him. He truly wants to give the best of him to everyone and that is what makes him the best man on earth.

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4: His love for Armys.

Okay so if you think that Yoongi is a cold hearted man who doesn't give a sh*t about us then you might as well leave and contemplate your mistake and what you've done to yourself. Just because he doesn't [always] do "aegyos" for his fans or sometimes uses sarcasm to answer our questions at fansign doesn't mean he doesn't love us. In fact he shows us his love by HIS manners. Every one knows it but I feel like Yoongi stans are really proud of it : the time when Yoongi spent the night (?) preparing snacks and little gift for bunch of Armys. This is just the sweetest thing he has ever done.

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Just the way he looks at this army should be enough to convice you. (Or maybe she was super pretty who knows)

5: He loves animals

This one may look stupid or cheesy but he is just adorable with animals ? To me, someone who loves animals is already better than anyone else. Tbh I didn't notice it at first but then I got to see how he talks about Holly and I realized that he has the same passion as me when I talk about him lmao.

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6: His sarcasm & funny quotes

How to talk about Yoongi without talking about his sarcastic side ? No matter how bad people can get offended by this it's sill one of my favorite thing in Yoongi. (Probably bc I'm lowkey sarcastic too lmfao) he never fails to have the best clapback that makes me me laugh.

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He is so relatable.

7: He isn't afraid to speak for what's right

Kinda goes with the 2th. Yoongi isn't afraid to speak for what he thinks is right no matter the impact it could have on him. He talks about things that could be taken the wrong way (purposely or not hhh) but you know what ? Min Yoongi doesn't give half a f*ck.
Let's start with the day when he naturally said that his ideal type isn't limited to a girl. Korea isn't open minded about homosexuality so this, coming from a korean idol is a big step of courage.
He said multiple things about homosexuality he mentioned more than once that he doesn't care about gender but also that everyone is equal. He literally accepts everyone. No matter your gender, age, sexuality or the language you speak.

I actually didn't find any pictures that shows him talking about this but you can probably find receipts on internet.

The list goes on. As I was writing this I always found something else to talk about. Yoongi is the savior of this generation and I'm so happy to stan him. I'm happy that I "met" him two years ago because it changed my life.