i just wanna bury my broken heart
six feet under where it should have been from the start
'cause who says gravestones are just for the dead
when what should’ve died are my feelings for you instead

so rest in peace,
let me heal, I'm begging of you, please.

if i could turn back time to that very first day
when the autumn leaves were falling down, leaving summer behind like a memory
i never would've smiled, i never would've said hello;
would've just sat back to soften the blow
because now i can't even look at you with the thought that now you know.

i never thought i could mourn the absence of someone who is still alive
yet here we are with breathing lungs and beating hearts
the only difference is that while i still have oxygen,
the only thing i want is to pull the plug on you so you can be forgotten.

so rest in peace,
let me heal, I'm begging of you, please.

my friends try so hard to comfort me while i grieve,
but what i'm afraid to tell them is that i still believe.
i don't need flowers nor condolences nor sympathy cards,
i just need to know that i'll be able to move on as i watch you out on the graveyard.

what hurts the most is how i got into this car crash
because you were never supposed to be the type of person i would fall for;
should've been only a person that would enter my life and leave in a flash
but then i got attached, having no idea how much this would tear me apart.

so rest in peace,
let me heal, I'm begging of you, please.

i can still remember when autumn turned into december
and you were singing a song on repeat like it was a musical number.
looking back now, i realized that hey jude was never my favorite song anyway
because you didn't go out and get her,
and instead of making it better, you closed off your heart and made it bitter

now you spend your days pretending i don't exist,
while i spend mine forcing my feelings for you to be dismissed
i want so much just to end my ties with you and your knives of lies
but afraid that once i say goodbye, all memory of you would also cease
leaving me with nothing except the ghost of a deceased.

so rest in peace
let me heal, I'm begging of you, please.

rest in peace.
let me heal.
but i still love you; come back to me, please.