Hello to everyone who want to know me better, these questions came from the tag on we heart it ' 50 questions '. Also, thanks for people who liked my article ' different love ', you can find it, right here :

1. what is your name and what does it means ?

My name is Noémie, I don't really know what it means, but my parents called me like that in commemoration to my great grandmother.

2. where do you live ?

I live in south of france, I also have Moroccan origins.

3. How old are you?

I'm 20, but will turn in 21 in december.

4. What is your favourite color?

I love purple, because it's at the same time colorful and dark

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5. star signs ?

wallpaper, Sagittarius, and zodiac image

6. what's your favourite artists ?

Ed Sheeran, Lana del rey, Camila Cabello, are my real favs. I also love Marian Hill.

7. what's your favourite food and drink ?

I am so in love with chocolate, it makes me feel good. With alcohol, I love whiskey, without, Ice Tea.

8. what is your favourite past time?

I love writing, about everything I feel, I see, I love. It helps me to forget my anxieties for a while.

9. Describe yourself in a one sentence.

' Cold hand, warm heart ' it is clearly me in everyday, with everyone.

10. bad habit?

Doing nothing but watching series. I know that you know exactly what I mean!

11. Favorite thing about myself?

My hair, I love them!

12. Three short term goals?

- more writing, - more reading, - loose weight.

13. Three long term goals ?

- live with my girlfriend forever, - have a good life with a good job, - being published.

14. Biggest accomplishment ?

- being finally proud of who I am.

15. Ideal first date ?

I don't have ' ideal first date ', being with my love is enough.

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I've posted some poetry on it! Have a wonderful day!