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Iโ€™m back with another tag. This time Iโ€™ll describe how I see myself as a fictional character. It was originally created by Sarah and I got tagged by my friend Bel.

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Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan
( bel )
( bel )

โžธ Name: Pyurie

โžธ Physique

hair, flowers, and girl image hair, braid, and fashion image
Long blonde hair.
makeup, beauty, and eye image
Blue eyes.
bikini, body, and girl image
beach, summer, and sand image legs, sea, and summer image Image by t h รฉ l รจ m e summer, girl, and fashion image
Average height and slim.
nails, beauty, and Nude image nails, gold, and pink image
Long nails.

โžธ Style

fashion, girl, and outfit image style, fashion, and accessories image clothes, inspiration, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, vans, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and heels image clothes, fashion, and outfit image accessories, jewelry, and gold image
Simple, causual, stylish, blue jeans and black pants, sneakers and high heels (it depends on what outfit she use), she always add a necklace to her outfit, and sometimes even a choker. She prefer white and light clothes.

โžธ Personality

girl, fashion, and model image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Happy almost all the time, a hopeless romantic, creative, positive, confident, clumsy, loyal, sarcastic, adventurous, responsible, intelligent, creative, listener.

โžธ What Pyurie likes

beach, summer, and ocean image beach, palm trees, and summer image Image removed beach, tumblr, and bikini image
Traveling, concerts, festivals, music, animals, the beach, summer and shopping.

โžธ Where Pyurie lives

home and interior image decoration, home, and room image bedroom, home, and bed image white, candle, and home image home, interior, and house image home, interior, and kitchen image
Pyurie lives in her very own house in Sweden/Stockholm with modern/old stylish furnitures and decorations that is shabby chic mixed with IKEA style. Everything is in light colors.

โžธ Quotes Pyurie lives by

quotes, words, and life image quotes, life, and compare image quotes, words, and inspiration image quotes, words, and inspiration image

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สŸสแด…s โœฉ
สŸสแด…s โœฉ

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