Hey guys! How’s it going? For today’s article, I decided to tackle the “ABC Tag”. I’m not sure who created it, so credits to them, and also thank you to @therosegloss for tagging me! You can check out her article here:

Without further ado, here’s the tag!

A — Age:

This year I will be 13 :)

B — Best Feature:

Maybe either my eyes or lips because I try to keep them looking healthy.

C — Color

I have always loved any shade of blue, especially teal (which technically is like a blue-green), and right now I’m obsessed with purple, idk

D — Deepest Regret:

Not taking care of my body since the start and only starting to become aware of living healthy.

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E — Everyday Starts With:

Music to energize your mornings

F — Favorite Show:

”FRIENDS”, a forever classic

G —Greatest Accomplishment:

Honestly, I don’t know... I haven’t had an accomplishment really worth counting yet

H — Height:

5’1. I know, I’m so short!

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I — In Love With:

방탄소년단 (BTS) 😍

J — Job Of My Dreams:

Anything to do with writing: novelist, editor, journalist, anything!!

K — Kids I Want:

2, specifically one boy and one girl

L — Last Thing I Ate:

A granola bar for breakfast

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M — Magical Power I Want:

Mind reading or telekinesis

N — Number Of Siblings:

One older sister (kinda annoying, kinda not, I have conflicted feelings about her haha)

O — One Favorite Song

Impossible to choose! Anything by BTS, off of “Revival” (Selena Gomez) or “Camila” (Camila Cabello)!

P — Person I Last Texted:

My mom and I texted her a photo of the merch I want lmao

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Q — Question I’m Always Asked:

“Do you read a new book everyday?”

R — Reasons To Smile:

You’re alive and loved.

S — Sexuality:

Straight / heterosexual

T — Time I Wake Up:

On school days, around 7:00 and on weekends or day-offs, around 9/10:00

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U — Underwear Color:

Grey and black, plain, but who’s gonna see it?

V — Vacation Place:

I would love to go to Europe (Greece, London, France....) and Asia (Japan, China, Thailand...)

W — Worst Habit:

Constantly being unsatisfied with myself

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X — X-Rays I’ve Had:

Only my teeth

Y — Your Favorite Drink:

Not sure.. maybe boba milk tea?

Z — Zodiac Sign:


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So that’s all for this challenge! I hope you liked this article.

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~ Caylie