I LOVE HOLIDAYS specially when i don't have homework i like to stay cozy and comfortable alone without having to meet fake people...
Sooo here is my routine #spoilingmyself

_lately i have been into waking up early i like being able to live in the calmness ( if you have siblings barely you will understand me)

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1- Staying in bed and open my social media : (My morning starts at 6am ) I play with my phone for 1 or 2 hours
bath, book, and candle light image baths and relaxation image bath, legs, and petals image Image removed
2- I take a long bath by long i mean an extremely long hot one (until the water become freezing)
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3-Drink cold milk coffee (if it is a cold day i prefer having a cup of green tea)
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4- Read wattpad stories: ( if you don't know wattpad it's a community for readers and writers where you are able to find stories in many different genres including romance sci_fic action ..)
caps, couple, and evergreen image caps, couple, and evergreen image caps, couple, and Korean Drama image aesthetic, orange, and soft image
5- watch a K-drama ( Right now i am watching "That man oh soo" and "Radio Romance)
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5- eating lunch and watch "worth it"(Buzfeed) or "OMG we're coming over" ( Mr.kate) ; most times i eat rice and omelette with vedgies https://data.whicdn.com/images/306150181/original.jpg?t=1517080870
cakes, dessert, and deseert image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed food, pancakes, and yummy image
6-cook desert
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7-learn a new K-pop dance choreography
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8- take a quick shower (to get rid of all the tire)
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9- Order high calories
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10- shopping online
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11- Go to sleep
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