Hi!!! Who else loves summer and really can't wait till it come. Well, me! Many of you go to school so, school ends in 2 months. I think it ends in June. So, im really happy that im FINALLY going to hang out with friends, go to the beach, GO TO POOL PARTIES (that's fun)! What do you think?

Fun things to do TILL SUMMER COME:
-make a program for what are you going to do in summer
-if you have your birthday in summer think about: who are you going to invite, where, when, foods etc.
-decide to make a trip with friends or family
-draw something
-write vlogs on famous webs
-start a youtube channel

Fun things to do IN SUMMER:
-hang out with friends
-go to the beach with friends
-go to pool parties with friends
-go to a trip with friends or family
-pack your bags if you go on a trip
-post photos of you with your summer looks on instagram, twitter etc.

I hope you have fun during summer. I decided that im going to write some things like that 1 TIME A WEEK. At least I'll try. Good bye! PLZ CHECK MY SERIE (SECRETS). #summer