decoration image bts, v, and taehyung image gif, bts, and taehyung image love, quotes, and grunge image
red Taehyung
aesthetic, alternative, and night image
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
lilac bts
bts, chimchim, and jimin image blue, blueberry, and fruit image art, painting, and paint image bts, bangtan, and park jimin image
blue jimin
Inspiring Image on We Heart It bts, taehyung, and v image grey, light blue, and theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
taekook (don`t ship but bromance is real)
Image removed bts, v, and taehyung image love, couple, and grunge image aesthetic, cool, and electric image
lilac Taehyung <3
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed park jimin, 방탄소년단, and bangtan sonyeondan image summer, sea, and sunset image
rosa jimin
bts, jhope, and hoseok image coffee, autumn, and fall image home image bts, jhope, and hoseok image

brown // coffee hoseok

Temporarily removed
accesories, black, and choker image crown, wallpaper, and black image
golden yoongi
bts, rm, and namjoon image aesthetic, quote, and wallpaper image hands, black and white, and couple image run, rm, and bts image
black and white namjoon
Inspiring Image on We Heart It jin, bts, and seokjin image light, night, and neon image seoul, city, and lights image
blue jin

hope you liked them :) btw those were my first aesthetic trys, would be nice if you leave a reaction

annyeongi :)