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Thanks God is Friday! When the alarm rang, Kate couldn’t stop hugging her sheets and moaning she wouldn’t wake up. But she had to. She needed to go to work and facing the problem. Kate couldn’t understand why her boss give her that work, she isn’t the person who can convince someone to pay, but he is the boss.
Kate’s morning routine is so slowly that her sister nicknamed her “the slowpoke”. She slowly goes to the toilet, then slowly reach the kitchen to eat something, usually bread, jam and some fruit juice, obviously she eats as slowly as a sloth. She spends minutes in front of the wardrobe deciding what to wear that day and after about one hour she can be ready to go out.

She needs hundred and two steps to reach the bus stop, and well, she doesn’t know why she counted them once.
“Goodmorning” Kate has never asked the name to the driver, but as he always reserves a smile for her, she is pleased to greet him each morning.

“I am sorry, can I sit here?” The bus was already leaving.
Only a boy, not so much older than her, sitting in front of the free seat watched her and nodded.
As each morning, Kate took place, left her bag on her knees and looked for her blue notebook. She uses to draw, to write or just to take note of some sentence she likes. It can be considered the notebook of her life. Once she drew a curious child sitting in front of her and when he asked what she was doing, she showed him his face on the notebook and when finished, gave him the page.
But that morning Kate was inspired to write. She couldn’t find anything to draw.

If you’re asking, Kate is the kind of person who when she reads she wants silence, when she draws she is totally absorbed in her own draw that everything but her, the subject and the picture is black. And so she was that morning. So intented writing that she couldn’t notice that the guy in front of her was staring at her, and well, she saw her stop just in time.
“Sorry, sorry, can I…? I’m sorry, I must leave this bus” Kate needed to avoid some people to reach the door, while putting inside her bag the notebook.

The day was so busy that Kate dreamed a day of relax. Just her, couch, book and music. At home. So she did everything possible to make it true. And the winner is… KATE! When at the evening she realized she did all the work and the following day was a relaxing one, she went to the bus stop to go back home smiling like never before.
But the smile left the place to a sad face as soon as she sat on the bus and looking for the notebook. It wasn’t there. But how it could be possible? It should be fallen down from her bag that morning, but where?

Really the worst weekend of her life. Her whole life was into that notebook, it was her notebook.

When on Monday she went to the bus stop and sit on the first free seat, she couldn’t suspect that it was the best Monday ever.

“Sorry, Kate?” Who knew her name? A boy, was walking toward her.
“Yes? Should I know you?” She was bored that morning, and she simply doesn’t want to talk to anyone, so he was only bothering her, nothing more.
“No, well, yes and no. I’m Danny, you asked me, last friday if you could sat in front of me. I hoped you took again this bus. I spent all my weekend mornings on this bus, looking for you. I think this is your.” The boy was holding in his hand, her notebook. Her whole life was onto his hand. If does a God exist, that was clearly the signal.
“God, yes. Thank you. You saved my life.” Kate took the notebook and couldn’t detain from hug it.
“Are you an artist?” Kate had to watch the boy again.
“No, why are you asking?”
“Your draws… they’re simply amazing. And your poems… so full of passion”
“Did you read my…?” Her face turned to red and she choked on the words.
“Oh, I just wanted to give this back to you, didn’t mind to read it.”
“But you did. And I’m sorry I have to go to work, this is my stop.”
“Oh, let’s see tomorrow beautiful.”
No, obvious. She has never seen him before, so why should he take that bus on the next day? She didn’t want to see him again. He read her private notes.
But when she opened the notebook to verify everything was good, she found a message.

Call me. This is my mobile number. XOXO Danny

No, no, no. Is he serious? She won’t call him, that was sure.

On next and the following mornings Danny was there to reserve a place to Kate. It took three days before Kate accepting a coffee. And an other week to convince her eating something with him.
Kate herself wouldn’t believe that one month after she would have sent him a message to inform him her bus time alone was so boring.
Their first true date night has been some months after.
Could you believe that a notebook could be a perfect Cupid?

This story participate to @authorelodie 's creative writing contest.
That's inspired by Cinderella.
Hope you liked it. And sorry for English's mistakes - I'm from Italy, but couldn't resist to take part in this contest.