I stepped into the shower and instantly burned my skin. I bit my tongue and let the water scorch my skin until it decided to finally cool down. The hot water reminded me of you and in a moment of weakness I thought about you, and whether or not you actually ever loved me. "Did he ever love me?"
I don't know, I thought to myself, but it doesn't make me sad anymore to think that maybe he never loved me.

The water is at an enjoyable temperature now. I run my hands through my hair and focus on my breathing. I think about how there will be other hands running through my hair in the future and I don't care that they will no longer be his.
I think about the future people I will date, and I begin to believe I no longer lost someone worth losing sleep and happiness over. I lost someone who was weighing me down. Someone who tried to keep me at his level because he didn't want to be alone. Alone and suffering.

Finally the water turned cold, but I didn't feel it because I felt liberated. I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I had lost the weight holding me down for far too long.