These are some names that l think are different, hipster, unique and perfect for girls.
(and boys if suitable)

Let's get started!


Bridget is a fun yet classy name which means power and strength.
l can visualize her being daring and a good leader.

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Ebony is an interesting and quite mysterious name. It means dark and black (not in a racist way) it sounds super different and meaningful. l can picture Ebony being shy and serious but ready to take risks and have lots of fun in life.

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Liberty sounds important and edgy but still fun and girly. It means free and independent. Plus she'd have the CUTEST nickname; Libby. (omg it's so adorable!!!!!)
l can see Libby being pretty quiet but sassy and feminine but still loves adventures and is wild at heart.

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lvy is a very pretty name which reminds me of princesses and royalty. Ivy means faith and obviously comes from the plant ivy. l can see ivy being sensible, strong, humorous and into mindfulness and empathy.

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(Ok now this is just weird, we've had two plant names in a row)
Sage is an extremely unique and rare name but is still really pretty and girly.
I can picture Sage being an artsy musical sort of person who loves performing and reading. The meaning of Sage is wise one.

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