Film Disney Frozen is built an empire mining fairy tales for their animated stories. The film tells the story of a brave princess on her way to embark on a difficult journey with a mountainous, rugged, rugged, but initially rude, with her faithful reindeer. and a fun snowman who happens to meet his sister who is living alone, a queen who has the power to create ice that inadvertently causes the kingdom to sink in the eternal winter.The film content brings full humanity, so it is attractive many audiences especially the children. It gives also the high education.
Thís film is Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's tales of Snow Queen. In fact, this is the best movie besides the films that have some characters such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.
- There are two cute Princesses Annaand Elsa and Elsa has a magic power. She can create snow and ice but after a near-tragic encounter involving her sister Anna, she boarded up in the castle and no longer uses her powers. Then, Anna is saved, but has no memory of the incident. Their parents decided separate two daughters. So, they live two different places but they would like to be close to her sister. Years glide, Anna and Elsa grow into young women. They want to love with their sister, and to protect Anna, Elsa has hides her magic power.

After that, they can meet together but their parents die tragic. Anna is excited that she will be reunited with her sister, she will be disappointed because Elsa shies away. But she meet her lover, Price Hans who immediately captures her heart.
- But then the life between Elsa and Anna happens contradictoryElsa loses control of her power, unintentionally covering the land in a harsh, snowy permanent winter. Elsa, now the snow queen, retreats to the mountains, where she sets up an icy lair. And Anna help Elsa by Kristoff's help. This film has a story of real empowerment here, which is woven subtly through the narrative.
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