Why do you like deer so much?

It seems so obvious to me to love deer, but I guess my reasoning behind it is personal:

Deer. They are gentle creatures who just want to survive. Maybe they just want to live happy, simple lives. I don't think that is too much to ask for.

I see myself in the deer who I (luckily) happen to cross paths with quite often.

Deer and I both startle easily and you have to approach them very slowly, and even then you might scare them away.

I can understand their fear of strangers. When I see fear in their eyes I understand: you cannot trust strangers. Deer must be careful about people who want to harm them. Like the deer, I have experienced feeling like "prey." I like to imagine that both the deer and I just want to live a simple, happy life.

No predators or scary people. Spending my days in the forest. In the sunlight. In fields of grass and beautiful flowers. No worries about trivial matters that really should not cause stress such as money, whether someone likes me or not, gossip, etc.

field, flowers, and grass image

I want to believe every deer I see will live a happy life. I want to believe I can be like those deer.

So when you ask me "why I like deer" just know I cannot help feeling protective over them. I feel a protective instinct to defend the deer, as I wish someone would have protected me.

The deer are soft and beautiful creatures.

Boy oh boy I never thought I would write about deer. I might be a dork, but who cares :) I wish everyone who reads this peaceful dreams