I wrote an article a while ago wanting to find new people to talk to from all over and met such wonderful people! I'm so happy and feel so lucky to know them! ♡

However, I decided to make another article today to ask for some potential pen-pals from a special place... the Middle East.

Here in the US, we get a lot of news about you guys but most of what we learn is due to conflicts and wars. I actually don't like that too much because it makes us have certain opinions; you guys are violent, unstable, etc. There's been a trend of people distrusting you here (as well as other places around the world) and it makes me super sad.

So I would like to make a friend from a Middle Eastern country! I want to build bridges and destroy the bad perceptions if that makes sense haha

Some things I'm interested in:
- art (mostly paintings & photography)
- all kinds of music (I'm really into Lana Del Rey right now)
- astronomy/stars/zodiacs
- writing!!
- world studies
- romantic stuff ♡
- dogs!!
- food/cooking
- fantasy novels
- flowers (lol)
- hetalia!!
- architecture
- studio ghibli

I use instagram to talk: @fawndant433

I promise I will be as kind and open minded as possible! Fair warning, I tend to get super happy/excited about random stuff and I also try to learn whatever language you speak with lots of enthusiasm ;)

I really hope I can meet some more wonderful people!

♡ Fawn