Europe or America?

big apple, city, and city at night image Temporarily removed Las Vegas, retro, and vintage image pink, pastel, and grunge image
i love all the classy and glamour from europe but i love even more all the mess and energy from america

Coffee or Tea?

coffee, drink, and aesthetic image caramel, hand, and summer image Image by ✩ 𝒯𝐼𝐹𝐹𝒜𝒩𝒴 ✩ Image removed
well i'm a coffee hoe

Cats or Dogs?

dog, animal, and puppy image Temporarily removed cat, girl, and black image Image removed
can't choose one sorry

High Heels or Sneakers?

Temporarily removed grunge, converse, and jeans image black, classic, and moda image Image removed
high who? i can't

Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl?

Gretchen, meme, and funny image
can i say none?

Adidas or Nike ?

nike, white, and tumblr image nike, shoes, and white image nike image jacket and nike image

Summer or Winter?

festival, film, and grunge image girl, sea, and beach image girl, sea, and ocean image friends, indie, and festival image
few years ago i would DEFINITELY say winter. but now i just love this summer vibe and i can imagine myself listening to tame impala or the xx high by the beach

Sunrise or Sunset ?

lights and night image light, grunge, and sea image sunset, beach, and landscape image Temporarily removed
sunset especially the twilight

Early bird or Night owl ?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed amazing, architecture, and awesome image analog, film, and indie image
night. god how i love the night

Tattoos or Piercings ?

tattoo image piercing, hair, and grunge image girl, Nude, and piercing image lynch, tattoo, and Twin Peaks image
can't choose

Books or Movies ?

Blue Velvet image female trouble, funny, and movie image 1994, jean reno, and mathilda lando image Temporarily removed

Adventurous or Cautious?

rain, love, and couple image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed grunge, night, and boy image
it's adventure time!

Gold or Silver?

fashion, girl, and gold image heart, necklace, and gold image blonde, earings, and earring image aesthetics, fashion, and aesthetic image

Harry Potter or Lord of the rings?

harry potter image box, hp, and book image Temporarily removed Image removed

Paintings or Drawings?

art, van gogh, and painting image ocean, art, and paint image mask, galaxy, and oil paint image art, eye, and painting image
i rlly love both tho

Hugs or Kisses?

Temporarily removed couple, love, and city image Mature image love, couple, and hug image
is that weird to say that kissing is a little bit weird?

Introvert or Extrovert ?

alone, anxiety, and awkward image empathy, energy, and illustration image funny, question, and introverted image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image

Black and white or colors?

Temporarily removed Burberry, collection, and fall image fashion, gucci, and platform image quotes, aesthetic, and gay image
i'm a gay rainbow girl. does it makes any sense?

Dresses or skirts?

girl, skirt, and theme image Temporarily removed rose and white image Abusive image

Pepsi or Coke?

Image removed Pepsi, drink, and soda image Temporarily removed Pepsi image
as lana already said once...

Chinese or Italian?

Temporarily removed asian, Chicken, and chinese image food and yakisoba image delicious, food, and japanese image

Money or fame?

diamonds, jewelry, and necklace image Temporarily removed crown, Queen, and diamonds image Temporarily removed

Washing dishes or doing laundry?

laundry and laundry room image book, laundry, and reading image flowers and vintage image Image removed

Snakes or sharks?

animals, grunge, and reptiles image snake image beautiful, colors, and fashion image Temporarily removed

Orange juice or apple juice?

orange, juice, and drink image beach, food, and orange image orange, theme, and bright image breakfast, food, and coffee image
inspired on this amazing article