↪ We all use some really popular medias like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, but today I want to talk about the media that means a lot more for me- We Heart It

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❁ Today I saw I finally hit 1000 followers and I'm so exited and full of happiness! In first place I want to thank all of the people that followed me until now and all the people that will follow me in future! It means a lot to me!

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So what We Heart It means to me? What made me so attached to this media?

I started using We Heart It years ago. It was the time when I had really bad depression and here was the place where I was feeling okay, with my own sadness. After some time I stopped using We Heart It because I thought I have no time for it. After some months, or almost a year I decided to use it again, but not for sad or depressing pictures. I was fiding my happiness, my Inspiration, my motivation , I was spending my day here! And in this moment I thought:

Why I stopped using this media? Why I lost so much time in stressing out while the answer was right under my nose?
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I soon started to see what We Heart It gives to me. The needed dose of Motivation for school and exercise, finding the beauty in places I've never seen before, seeing my passions in one more perfect angle, I started to living my dreams with different pictures, making new goals... I was free then and I feel the freedom even more nowI started living an Adventure I have always wanted to live

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Why We Heart It should be an "Endless Advneture"?

Why We Heart It should be one Endless Adventure when after some time I will probably stop using it?

Beacuse like I found it and loved it so much for so little time I'm sure many others will do it too. Because We Heart It it's not like the others medias. It's not for chatting or playing games, It's not for listening to some music, It's for living a whole different life through pictures ❣ And that's the thing that no other media can give us....

One Endless Adventure

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Thank you for reading my article, I had so much fun while writing it. If you liked it I will be happy to see more people hearting it. Again I want to thanks for the 1000 followers!

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I would love to make new friends in here, so if you want text me, send me postcard ot whatever you want. It will be so nice to have friends from all over the world.

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Have a great day/night scrolling down in We Heart It ❣

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