I've always wanted to do this tag, so here it is!

1 | cats or dogs?

dog and puppy image dog, puppy, and cute image
dogs but I sure do love cats.

2 | retro or modern?

Image by Mora Espinel Temporarily removed

3 | tattoos or piercings?

tattoo, honey, and theme image tattoo, baby, and black image
tattoos is like art on your body, its cool.

4 | music or art?

90s, grunge, and music image music, quotes, and aesthetic image
I love music so much.

5 | concert or play?

art, roses, and stage image grunge, concert, and indie image
definitely concert.

6 | dresses or skirts?

dress, fashion, and stars image fashion, dress, and stars image

7 | makeup or no makeup?

aesthetic, art, and carefree image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
totally makeup.

8 | country or city?

Flatiron, manhattan, and newyork image people, city, and street image

9 | drive or fly?

car, indie, and vintage image car, friends, and travel image
road trip!

10 | winter or summer?

beach, girl, and summer image Temporarily removed
oo boy, summer.

thanks for reading.
cheers, Heaven.