Hey there! I am writing this article because I know what it feels like to just be sad (whether having a reason or not) and I know most of you (me included) would just cry and sit, do nothing. But this article is meant to motivate you a little and maybe bring you a little peace within.
Don't worry, the sadness won't last forever. :)
Now let's get into the article! 💫

  • Cry it out

It's honestly better than bottling it all up inside you. Once you release the emotions, you'll instantly feel much better!

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  • Take a shower/bath

Include bath bombs (if you own any) or just take a shower to relief yourself.

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  • Have a spa day!

As I said in a previous article, whether it's only your face routine or pluck your eyebrows, shave or wax, do things that will take your mind off things and will instantly boost your confidence and your mood.

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  • Listen to music

Music has helped me more than someone could think. It's one of the natural remedies that just always helps and never gets obsolete.
I'd suggest not to listen to sad music, though.

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  • No phone rule!

What I like to do when I'm sad is to literally forget about my phone and the social media. Honestly, I feel like social media just worsens your mood or your confidence - something I fully disagree with.
So I'd just turn my phone off and leave it somewhere far from me and focus on my needs.
For instance, sometimes I like writing articles on WHI or listening to music on Spotify or watch YouTube videos!

Just forget about your phone and do what inspires you.

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  • Talk

If you're more like me and you usually bottle it all up inside, it's best to know that it's the most toxic thing to do and I really try to get rid of this bad habit but it's really just how I am made.
But somehow, something that always improves my mood slightly is talking to someone, be it a friend or family. It just matters that I want to open up and look for advice.
I highly recommend you do the same! 👪

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  • Go out

Going out even for a small walk in the park or to the grocery store can actually make a huge difference. But, honestly, if you're not in the mood to go out alone, grab someone and walk together. You don't have to talk about things, but just being quiet next to the one you love is such a good feeling! 💖

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  • Start/continue a series!

It's always nice to catch up on the latest episodes or just start a new TV show. It kinda makes you forget about your sadness and engages you with the characters.

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  • Eat something good!

Eat what you like!

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  • Watch the sunset!

Something I highly recommend is to check when the sun will set in your time zone and watch it when it's close. You can also take pictures if you'd like and keep them for later, edit them, play with the contrast or so.
The sunset is a personal reminder that the world is beautiful and I just have to keep being positive.

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Thank you so much for reading!
I truly hope it helped! :) 💞


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