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‘Situationship’ is a word that I and my cousins have been using a lot recently. It was a word that has became a part of my vocabulary, when talking about two people who are ‘talking,’ that my mind instantly thinks that everyone knows it. That’s not the case. Whenever I say the word to about everyone (aside from my cousins and those who already know), their face instantly gives me a confused look and they are there wondering what word I just used. Was this newspeak? (I’m reading 1984 right now, sorry.)

Urban Dictionary’s top defintion of the word is “a relationship that has no label on it… like a friendship but more than a friendship but not quite a relationship.” The definition under the top one states “people who are a ‘thing” and “friends with benefits” are examples are what a situationship is.

I completely agree with this definition and the listed examples. I understand that this word probably isn’t for people who don’t want to put a label on it, but it’s a good classification for the middle group. Do you ever ‘talk’ to someone or are a ‘thing’ with someone for so long that after you guys stop talking to each other it feels like a breakup? Like you consider that person an ex. I’ve been in a few situationships that have lasted longer than most of my official relationships, so to me, those people are all my exes.

I feel like everyone has been in a situationship once, and probably most didn’t know what to call it but since you’ve read this, at least you know.

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