Astrid tagged me to do this and I need attention, so here we go.


this is going to be long

+ Adust.

cartoon and quote image romance, cartoon, and Mandy image
of a gloomy appearance or disposition.

+ Lazy.

Image removed Image by smsm Brushes and paint image Image removed
unwilling to work or use energy.

+ Emotional.

90s, old, and movies quotes image art, melancholia, and movie image Temporarily removed cat, grunge, and aesthetic image
not openly displayed, however, i am always a lot of emotions putted together and i ignore them.

+ Jittery.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes, words, and aesthetic image quotes, feelings, and feeling image
nervous or unable to relax.

+ Aggressive.

Abusive image hell, grunge, and aesthetic image brat, daddy, and gif image dark, aesthetic, and warning image
impacient agressive, it could be said, or rude is a great word to explain it too.

+ Narcissistic.

church, god, and gray image boy, jerk, and quotes image
having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance.

+ Depressive.

aesthetic, couple, and dark image grunge, pale, and grow up image bad, cigarettes, and life image red, black, and quotes image
causing feelings of hopelessness, despondency, and dejection.

+ Reserved.

quotes and sayings image Image by 𝐬𝐚𝐞 aesthetic, alternative, and flower image aesthetic and peach image
slow to reveal emotion in front of the people.

+ Analytical.

full house, math, and algebra image
relating to or using analysis or logical reasoning.

some of this things might seem contradictory and i am really sorry, i can't help it. by the way, there's also a lot of negative stuff and i can't help that either.

thanks for reading!