If you've been keeping up with me, you know I had a 12 hour event today. It has to do with US government, so you already know my brain is 100% fried and I won't be doing any school by the time I actually get home. I've mentioned this before, but my guilty pleasure is mindlessly watching youtube videos. It's a bad habit. So here's a list of some more productive channels that you can actually somewhat gain something from watching.

Sarahs Day

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Great healthy lifestyle content. She has vlog-style videos on food, exercise, acne, all that great knowledge which you can take and apply to your life. Yaaaay.

Charisma on Command

I used some of their tips and tricks for my article yesterday on first impressions. They have AMAZING videos on how to have better social skills, and I have not found anything better for charisma training. Highly recommended to all you other fellows trying to change your life.

Rowena Tsai

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Not only does she have super productive, informational videos, but she also has a super fun personality that is soooo awesome to see expressed through her and her signature goofy editing.


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Gotta love Jusuf. She's known for vlogging productive days or weeks, and I just find them to be so inspirational. They give you ideas on how to sort through the junk in your life, and just live better in general. Not to mention, they're aesthetically pleasing...

Day Recap:

  • Woke up 5:30, extra early to curl my hair for event (It took a full hour, any long haired girls relate? UG :P)
  • Went to event
  • Came home and did chores
  • Texted my bestest friend ahhhh
  • Crashed and chilled totally unproductively
  • Got ready for bed barely

Did I do what I said yesterday I would do? I do believe that I did quite well on my speech, which is huge for me since I am not, in any slight of the imagination, a public speaker. However, while I think I made a good impression at the VIP meet and greet, I definitely could've applied myself more, especially the first impressions rules discussed in my last article. (Although someone did compliment me on my firm handshake and said it told a lot about me as a person. This stuff really works, folks.)
How did I fail today? I was given chances to speak up and ask questions and get out of my comfort zone, but I didn't.
How did I succeed today? I presented my speech and I think I did pretty well for my first time public speaking! Seriously, guys there was a microphone and podium and everythingggg. It was insane.
Tomorrow I will: Get ALL my school done. I've fallen behind because of the event and I need to not be lazy and actually get moving and catch up. Yay.

Wow guys, look at us. We must be getting pretty serious now. 4 consecutive days of life changing? Whaaaatttt no way not us. We must be pretty good then.

Here's where you can find the rest of my peregrination:

Um bye.