holis, bellezas, it's cher...or blue...or mel, whichever you prefer.
i hope you're all having an awesome day and if you're not, i wish you the absolute best.
today's article is well...the name says it all, my name in tv shows. so basically, it's another episode of the first season of 'my name in...', lol, okay, bad joke. point is, i love doing these kind of articles and i really hope you enjoy mine as i join the group of people who have done it. anyhoo...let's get to it, but before we do, if you'd be so kind as to follow me on my other socials:

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once again, i will use my three nicknames.

1) Blue

2016, baby daddy, and style image actress, baby daddy, and tv show image
B is for Baby Daddy
la casa de papel image la casa de papel image
L is for La Casa De Papel
tv series, ellie kemper, and unbreakable kimmy schmidt image caption, comedy, and sitcom image
U is for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (HAVE NOT WATCHED IT)
school, yellow, and vintage image serie, lgbt, and netflix image
E is for Everything Sucks!

2) Cher

netflix, las chicas del cable, and alba image netflix, blanca suarez, and las chicas del cable image
C is for Cable Girls
h2o just add water and mako mermaids image H2o, mermaid, and h2o just add water image
H is for H2O: Just Add Water
cabronacomomonicarobles image el senor de los cielos, aurelio casillas, and chacorta casillas image
E is for El Señor De Los Cielos
couple, riverdale, and betty cooper image riverdale, lili reinhart, and camila mendes image
R is for Riverdale

3) Mel

Temporarily removed mindhunter, anna torv, and series image
M is for Mindhunter (i have only watched the first episode)
Image removed alex lawther, teotfw, and Alyssa image
E is for End Of The F***ing World (i know it starts with a 'T' but that's not too relevant)
DC, legends of tomorrow, and caity lotz image DC, heat wave, and atom image
L is for Legends Of Tomorrow