You want me of foams,
You want to nacre.
Make it lily
Above all, caste.
Of thin perfume.
Corolla closed

It is not a moonbeam
Filtering I have it.
It is not a daisy
I gave my sister
You want me snowed,
You want me white,
You want dawn

You who had everything
The glasses by hand,
Of fruits and honey
The purple lips.
You at the banquet
Covered with branches
You left the meats
Celebrating Bacchus
You in the gardens
Blacks of Deception
Red dress
You ran to Detachment.

You that the skeleton
Preserved intact
I do not know yet
Why miracles,
You fake my target
(God forgive you),
You pretend chaste
(God forgive you),
You pretended I'll wake up!

Flee to the forest,
Go to the mountain;
Clean your mouth
Live in the cabins;
Touch with your hands
The damp earth;
Feed the body
With bitter root;
Drink from the rocks;
Sleeping in hoarfrost
Renew fabrics
With salt and water;
Talk to the birds
And get up at dawn.
And when the meats
And when you have put
In them the soul
That for the rooms
It got tangled up,
So, good man,
Pretending white,
Pretending to be snowy
Pretend to be chaste.

Alfonsina Storni
Mature image