fuck you.

fuck you and your way with words that harvest a garden of a thousand butterflies in my stomach

fuck you and your pretty eyes that hypnotize me into a trance you know I don't want to escape

fuck you and your laugh that makes my day better than the last

fuck you and your warmth because now I wish we were both immortal so we could embrace each other and not have to worry about time

fuck you and your smile that melts away my fears and doubts into the mess I feel like I no longer am

fuck you and literally everything about you because now you've got my heart playing a symphony my brain didn't know existed, its melody ringing in my ears like broken church bells below a watercolored sky. the harmonies fading in my mind like the cream and coffee I drink after a sleepless night filled with nothing but thoughts of you. the soft hum of fear under the blasting crescendo of undeniable happiness that is getting louder but I still selfishly love every note, even though I'm a bit scared that when this music you play for me ends, I'm going to be left in the silence that somehow, seems to be just a bit louder.

thank you

thank you for that song.