Hey, hey, hey! Sorry for not writing for sooo long, I was out of ideas. Today I'll be doing the #ByHeartChallenge created by the amazing @Paulien_99 ! Explaining it shortly and sweetly, this challenge consists on a this or that about ourselves. Hope you enjoy it!

By heart I am...

1. A 2 AM dreamer or a sound sleeper.

Both. It totally depends on the night. Sometimes I just stay there lying on my bed just dreaming awake or snorting loudly. I don't have a midpoint ha ha!

2. Reckless or reliable.

Eh, totally reckless, though incredibly people sometimes rely on me for important stuff. I love being reckless, it gives me so much freedom!

3. A garden grower or forest explorer.

An explorer, undoubtedly. I love adquiring new experiencies, and I'm not reliable at all to grow a garden.

4. A newspaper or a colouring book.

Uh, this one is hard. I love learning and being in touch with the rest of the world, and I believe periodism is an amazing job, but I think I will choose the colouring book because colouring relaxes me a lot. In the tough moments of my life I used to paint mandalas, and it was extremely soothing for me.

5. The astronaut or the moonchild.

I am so fond of the universe! It just drives my curiosity wild. If I had the chance, I would totally love to be an astronaut and watch the astonishing universe with my own eyes. That would be so fantastic!

6. Young at heart or an old soul.

Eh, I have my moments of childishness and joviality, but I'm totally an old soul. I love reading and I'm so into old fashions and I absolutely love stuff about the past though I'm really into technology and science and girl power, so I believe perhaps a teenage soul would be the best answer.

7. A romantic or a realist.

A joyful romantic, totally. I like admiring different guys every week, crying when watching love movies, reading romances... Everything in life has love, and love is the key to open a door full of magic and happiness.

8. A cloud gazer or a star chaser.

A star chaser. Admiring the night is one of my passions. Finding constelations, astonishing myself with the sparkling lights...

9. A mountain or an ocean.

The ocean. I'm cannot be contained, I can be kind or bitter, I can help or cause problems. I cannot stay put, I always speak my mind and follow my intuition and own ideas.

10. The artist or the muse.

The artist, totally. I'm not extremely admirable, but I love observing people and feeling inspired by them.

By heart I love or choose...

1. Sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise.

Sleeping beneath the stars, as it's so soothing and marvellou to do so.

2. Flying to the moon or swimming to Atlantis.

Atlantis, without any thinking. Discovering and investigating a mysterious island? You've got my curiosity running as fast as Bolt.

3. Polaroid pictures or handwritten letters.

Polaroid pictures. I absolutely love visual aids in order to recall old memories.

4. Barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in Paris.

Exploring rooftops in Paris. I find the city of lights so magical that I cannot but follow my intuition and choosing Paris.

5. Summer nights or city lights.

Ugh, I really hate summer! I'm latina and probably my statement will surprise you knowing my origin, but hot days are so scalding and uncomfortable! I hate sweating and feeling hot and having to use few clothes... I'm totally a city person, and a winter one preferably; so yeah, city lights.

6. Paintings or poems.

Poems. They can create a painting with symbols written in black and white, and it's so magical! I absolutely love poettry, it's one of my big passions (even though I love art as well).

7. Rainy days or stormy nights.

Rainy days, I just love the smell that lingers in the air and the droplets falling and penetrating my skin.

8. Vintage postcards or antique telescopes.

Telescopes. I don't know if it's because I recently saw A series of unfortunate events or what, but they are so magical and make me really curious.

9. Constellations or conversations.

Conversations. Talking to people is one of my passions without any doubt. I love learning about them and recalling those small details about them like hoe they like their tea or how their faces illuminate when they genuinely smile or the tone of their voices when they speak about something they are passionate about drives me crazy and gives me a better image of the people I share my time with.

10. déjà vu or nostalgia.

Nostalgia. I love remembering old times and it's so amazing how old feelings just hit you like a train that I love it.

Sooo that was the challenge. I hope you liked it! I'm totally going to post more. Sorry for the lack of multimedia, I promise there'll be some in the next post!

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