I hope You're reading this , You might wondered why I went from writing you everyday to ignoring You and distancing myself tho I guess You really know everything going on , I'll still love to explain and make myself clear .

I'm falling for You , falling deeper and deeper , I can't help it but love You more and more , I can't help it but expect same from You , can't help but find myself waiting for You to notice my absence and start missing me for as I'm there missing You and dying to speak with you .. I find myself going through our chats , I find myself listening to songs You sent me , checking your pictures , You're never my friend , I can't see it this way and it never been this way .

Trying to ignore my overwhelming feeling did nothing but strengthen them , Even during the Time we didn't speak .. I was checking your pictures , not just during lonely nights , even during busy work days , You'd cross my mind and I'd smile and pray You're doing fine .. Pray that I'd cross your mind sometime ,too .

I'm so tired of things this way , You can't just friendzone me and expect me to be fine with You flirting with someone else , the idea of You being with someone else is killing me , I hope to put an end for all of this , I hope You can understand me and help me .

So now You gotta make a choice , Either You can give me a chance to prove all my feelings for You , we don't have to call it a relationship or something ... we can leave it unlabelled .. I just expect someone understanding , appreciation and at least try to return back my feelings , just Don't keep me hanging like this , Don't make me feel this way , Don't let me keep breaking over and I promise You'll never regret and I'll make you the happiest one ever , I'd do anything for You , Or You just could let me go and we end everything now .. Bcoz I can't stand being close to You and hiding my feelings ( It'll kill me , I'll fail to hide anything .. ) and Maybe we can meet later when You're ready or When I could look at You and don't feel anything ...