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Welcome to day 14, today's topic was actually easier than yesterdays. I did really think strengths would be harder. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy

og challenge

Describe 5 strengths you have

i. Caring

I sometimes think this could be a weakness, but I do truly care about people. I care about what happens to them and I always try to help If I can. Even people who I don't particularly love. I can't help but care and hope for the best.

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ii. Listening

I'm a great listener in general. Since I'm so quiet, I hear everyone's conversation. I was being my usual quiet today and found out this girl in my class got arrested. In all seriousness, I will always listen when needed. I might not always have something to say back but that doesn't mean I don't understand.

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iii. Originality

Being original is something I take pride in. I don't try to be like anyone else but I'm frequently inspired by others. I dress my own way, I listen to my taste in music and do things my own way. This doesn't mean that I believe I invented these things. I know my style isn't completely unique, but it's still mine.

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there's a reason I'm a Ravenclaw boo
iv. Appreciation

I do not take anything for granted. I appreciate every little thing that's happened to me and I appreciate the people that come into my life. I'm bad at showing my appreciation for others and I want to work on this. I am thankful for all my friends, family, and even acquaintances that taught me some things.

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. v. Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty

I had to do that...anyway I also pride myself on being a very loyal person. If you tell me a secret I will keep it. I will always stick by your side no matter what as you probably mean the world to me.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed :)

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